Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore sues Al Jazeera America

  • Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore is suing Al Jazeera America about a television channel that he founded. The television channel Current TV was purchased by Al Jazeera America from a group of shareholders which included Al Gore. Current TV was originally founded as a liberal and progressive political channel to counter news put out by more conservative channels such as Fox News.

    Mr Gore and some former shareholders in Current TV are suing Al Jazeera, alleging it is trying to retain $65m (£39m) of the purchase money, which should have been paid to them. They have filed a lawsuit at a court in Delaware, alleging that the terms of the contract have not been followed.

    Mr Gore’s lawyer released a statement saying that Al Jazeera America is "in express violation of the merger agreement". Al Jazeera America has not released any comments on the lawsuit.

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