Ex-NYT editor and wife criticize cancer fighter

  • Former executive editor of the New York Times and his wife wrote columns, questioning the dignity of Lisa Bonchek Adams, who is tweeting and writing about her fight with Stage IV breast cancer. 

    Emma Keller's column was taken off from the Guardian since it caused anger but Bill Keller's column was recently published in the Times. 

    The couple talks about whether or not Adams should opt for a quieter death instead of posting intense updates. Keller mentioned that she couldn't stop herself from reading her updates and ended up ruining her Christmas.

    "As her condition declines, her tweets amped up both in frequency and intensity," she writes. "I couldn't stop reading - I even set up a dedicated @adamslisa column in Tweetdeck - but I felt embarrassed at my voyeurism." 

    Emma asks if there is any such as as "TMI" and if her updates are "one step further than funeral selfies." Bill's column met with plenty of uproar on Times but there were some people who said they understood his point of view. 

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