Death of Bank intern raises questions

  • The police have confirmed that nothing suspicious has been found concerning the death of the intern at Bank of America. The cause of the death, however is still unknown and post-mortem is yet to be completed. 

    Bank interns are said to be working punishing hours in order to secure themselves job offers. Spending weekends at work and going home only to shower and getting back to work immediately is something which is common. 

    The Bank said it is waiting on the facts of the intern's death before reviewing its program. 

    Recruiting agencies dealing particularly with interns are now supporting young graduates working in the finance industry. 

    Katerina Rudiger of CIPD said "young people are desperate to work hard, sometimes for free, in order to earn a job in this difficult economic climate."

    CNBC contacted various investment banks but none of them commented on the issue of interns working overtime. 

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