Customer fined for writing negative review

  • A Utah woman is facing a fine of $3.5K for writing about her lousy shopping experience with Kleargear in 2008. 

    Jen Palmer's husband bought a couple of things from the company's website but nothing ever arrived. She wrote an extremely negative review about the website after PayPal canceled the transaction. 

    Kleargear asked her to remove the review, saying that its terms of sale prohibits customers from negatively impacting the company or its reputation and if she fails to remove the review, she'd have to pay a $3,500 fine. 

    Palmer tried to remove it but Ripoffreport wouldn't let her without a payment of $2,000. Kleargear reported the woman to credit bureaus when she didn't pay.

    It hasn't been determined if the terms of sale even existed in 2008. 

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