Consumer groups want Katy Perry to stop hyping Pepsi

  • Katy Perry is being criticized for encouraging children to have soft drinks. 

    Several consumer advocacy groups are running an ad in Variety on this issue, which will ask Perry to stop marketing Pepsi to the young population. 

    The executive director of the group Michael Jacobson said, "it's a sad story that some of the best-known celebrities in the country are encouraging their young audience to drink beverages that are bad for their health." He mentioned that they are focusing on Perry since she is popular with children. 

    Although, she is the first celebrity to be focused on regarding this issue, the ultimate goal of the group is to make all celebrities to stop taking on such deals. 

    Many famous celebrities in America including Cindy Crawford and Michael Jackson make millions of dollars off these deals. 

    Perry's representative hasn't commented as of yet but Pepsi spokeswoman said they have a "commitment" to not direct their "advertising to audiences comprised predominantly of children under 12."

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