California and Nevada: AT&T's 17000 Workers go on Strike

  • As per reports, about 17000 AT&T workers were seen walking off their work on Wednesday in western US states California and Nevada. The strike reportedly began in mid of negotiations that were going on between AT&T and landline workers, represented by the Communications Workers of America union.

    According to sources, AT&T made a unilateral change in the job requirements for the landline workers, and the union did not agree to it. The two parties talked on the issue for several days but could not reach to an agreement.

    The union has also expressed its annoyance on AT&T for cutting jobs of thousands of landline technicians and call center workers in the region in recent years.

    Reports further mentioned that AT&T clarified workers in wireless departments are not included in the strike and the company is trying to get back the employees at the earliest.