Australian McDonald's pays $15 an hour

  • The minimum wage in Australia is $14.50 and many workers at McDonalds make more than that much. Moreover, they have also scored a 15 percent raise by the year of 2017 as part of the labor agreement between the employees and the company. This is interesting information since Big Macs in Australia are only 60 to 70 cents more expensive than those in the U.S.

    The reasons for such high wages may include the fact that Australian teens are not subject to minimum wage in the country and McDonald's has a lot of them. The food chain might also be getting more productivity from lesser number of workers and also from replacing employees with computers. The country's adoption of pricier items such as McCafe probably plays a role in the matter as well. 

    Australian McDonalds could serve as a role model in the U.S. but building a new business model would take time. 

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