Apple needs to wake up and lower its prices

  • Apple's recent announcement regarding the iPad Air proves that the company knows how to come up with stylish products. However, Troy Wolverton at the San Jose Mercury News noted that the company is clueless about its high prices. 

    "Sure, the Air is at least 'defensible' at $500 - though Google and Samsung rivals come in at $400 and $360 - but the pricing of the company's iPad line as a whole is absurdly high," Wolverton wrote. 

    Although, the company is not the leader when it comes to tablets, the iPad2 and the Mini continue to remain overpriced. 

    Considering that the Apple laptops are expensive as well, it seems as if the days of being able to buy affordable devices from Apple are gone. 

    "So while Apple may know a lot still about how to make cool devices, it seems to have lost its way on pricing," Wolverton wrote.  

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