Apple, Google take best global brand slots

  • Technology giants Apple and Google were adjudged the best brands in the world for the third consecutive year as technology companies dominated Interband's 16th annual best global brands report. "For the third year in a row, Apple (ranked first) and Google (ranked second) claim the top positions. Valued at $170.276 billion, Apple increased its brand value by 43 percent," Interbrand said. "Google, valued at $120.314 billion, increased its brand value by 12 percent," the brand consultancy firm said in a release.

    Microsoft (ranked fourth) edged ahead of IBM (ranked fifth), and Amazon (ranked tenth) entered the Top 10 for the first time with a brand value of $37.948 billion. Coca Cola took the third spot, Samsung retained its seventh rank. Facebook, which was the top riser in the report, was placed 23rd by Interbrand. (Source: IANS)