What Happened on 31 March 2014

Illegal youths fleeing violence in Mexico

Minors in Mexico have been entering the US and hoping that the government will take pity on them so they'd… Read More.

Two guys busted inside Vatican bank

Two men walked into a whole heap of trouble inside the Vatican bank and police mentioned that they have now… Read More.

Chewing gum isn't doing so well in the US anymore

A research firm revealed that US customers are buying 11 percent less of chewing gum when compared to 2009. Experts… Read More.

Worker dies while building World Cup stadium

A worker lost his life after falling at the construction site of the World Cup stadium.  Construction company Fast Engenharia… Read More.

iPhone 6 expected to come out in 2 sizes

The iPhone 6 is being released in September and will be available in two screen sizes. Reports suggest that both… Read More.

Megan Hilty expecting first child with husband

Actress Megan Hilty is not doing too well on TV but still has a reason to celebrate since she and… Read More.