What Happened on 30 October 2013

Polio outbreak in Syria confirmed

It has been confirmed that Syria is experiencing a polio outbreak for the first time in 14 years. WHO is… Read More.

Mechanic finds starving baby in trunk

A mechanic at a garage in central France opened a car's truck after hearing strange noises and found a baby… Read More.

Tiananmen crash could have been a suicide attack

Five have been confirmed dead after yesterday's SUV crash in Tiananmen Square.  A Chinese man, a Filipina woman, two tourists… Read More.

Consumer Reports doesn't approve of 3 Toyotas

Although, Toyota beat GM in sales and moved 2.5 million of its vehicles between the months of July and September,… Read More.

US to heavily fine Infosys for using visitor visas

The federal government is soon to hand out its biggest immigration fine ever, amounting to $35M. Infosys has been caught… Read More.

Apple profits fall but iPhones keep selling

Given that people are buying the lower-priced Apple devices, the company's quarterly earning fell 9 percent more.  The fourth-quarter results… Read More.

Surfer might have made a world record

The huge storm in Europe created some huge waves and provided surfer Carlos Burle the opportunity to be in the… Read More.

Penn State to pay 26 Sandusky victims

Penn State is reportedly paying 26 young men who have been sexually abused as children by former assistant football coach… Read More.

Google, Microsoft to track users on their own

Google, Microsoft and Facebook are now looking to use users by themselves, without the help of the small data chunks… Read More.

Hackers hit Obama on social media

Fans of President Obama on Facebook and Twitter were recently taken to a graphic video showing Syria's civil war.  The… Read More.

Kerr and Bloom could have split because of Bieber

Some sources revealed that Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr broke up because Kerr was growing close to Bieber.  This is… Read More.

Chris Brown assault charges reduced after hearing

Chris Brown's latest assault charges were reduced from felony to misdemeanor and he was released without bail; there was no… Read More.