What Happened on 29 May 2015

Myanmar says 'finger-pointing' won't solve migrant crisis

Myanmar said that it can't be solely blamed for the migrant crisis in the region, during a… Read More.

Syria: Islamist rebels capture government stronghold of Ariha

Islamist rebels have captured Ariha city, a government stronghold in western Syria’s Idlib province, according to media… Read More.

Russia: Putin declares all military deaths as state secrets

President Vladimir Putin has declared that all Russian military deaths will now be classified as state… Read More.

German businesses concerned over possible UK exit from EU

The German Chambers of Commerce and Industry has expressed concern over a possible British exit from the EU, saying such… Read More.

Avago Technologies buys California-based Broadcom for $37bn

Avago Technologies, one of the largest manufacturers of semiconductor products, is buying Broadcom, a rival firm based in… Read More.

French Open: Nadal, Djokovic advance to third round

Nine-time French Open winner Rafael Nadal and World number one Novak Djokovic have advanced to the third round of the… Read More.

Chinese firm Lenovo's new phone comes with virtual keyboard

Chinese firm Lenovo has unveiled a phone that comes with a virtual keyboard display using a laser projector. The display… Read More.

Google gives first glimpse into new Android mobile system

Tech giant Google has unveiled some of the features and functions of its next Android mobile operating system. The new… Read More.