What Happened on 29 May 2014

US to cut troops in Afghanistan

President Obama has confirmed that the US is making an exit from Afghanistan, which may not be the bad news… Read More.

Dementia patient indicted of starting fire at South Korean hospital that killed 21 patients

An 81-year-old is believed to have set fire in a hospital ward in South Korea, which resulted in the deaths… Read More.

She may be the oldest person in the world

Media reports indicate that the Juana Chox Yac is 120 years old, as per her birth certificate and her age… Read More.

Hummus may be next in FDA's list

It's fairly easy to make hummus, but Sabra, which owns majority of the hummus market in America, has asked the… Read More.

Buried treasure is now being auctioned

A California couple found nearly $11 million worth of gold coins while walking their dog and the coins from the… Read More.

Starbucks makes its priciest drink with 60 shots

The customer behind the most expensive Starbucks drink in America used his loyalty card to get his Sexagintuple Vanilla Bean… Read More.

50 Cent throws out the worst first pitch ever

50 Cent should probably never switch careers and join sports since the rapper threw out an awful first pitch for… Read More.

Tiger Woods won't be in the US Open

Tiger Woods is still recovering from surgery and won't be a part of the US Open next month.  "Unfortunately, I… Read More.

Google's new car doesn't have a steering wheel

Google's latest car is built without a steering wheel, brakes or a gas pedal. However, the New York Times notes… Read More.

Facebook saves kidnapped newborn

The mother of one day-old baby abducted by a fake nurse, found the infant with the help of four young… Read More.

Man tricks and says he's Johnny Depp's stylist

An expensive menswear shop in New York asks for ID when people pick up their phone orders, but a celebrity's… Read More.