What Happened on 29 December 2013

Report suggests al-Qaeda wasn't involved in Benghazi attack

A recent investigation sheds new light over the Benghazi attack in the U.S. Initial accounts suggested that it was an… Read More.

UK official suggests banning all parental smacks on children

The official responsible for the welfare of Children in Britain said she thinks parents who smack their kids even mildly… Read More.

Last-minute online sales are to blame for late UPS delivery

UPS said it's too soon to be sure as to why Christmas gifts weren't delivered on time. However, Wall Street… Read More.

Dodgers outfielder arrested over speeding

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig was arrested after he being caught over speeding… Read More.

Teens are ditching Facebook but that's no big deal

A recent study in Europe suggests that teenagers are ditching Facebook and moving towards Intagram, Twitter, and other services.  The… Read More.

Toby Keith doesn't allow guns inside his restaurant

You don't see the "No Guns Permitted" sign at the door of a country star's restaurant in Virginia but that… Read More.