What Happened on 28 July 2013

Spain train driver held on suspicion of reckless homicide

The driver of the crashed train in Spain is being held by the police since the driver error is being… Read More.

At least 70 dead in Egypt protests

The military opened fired on the supporters of Mohamed Morsi in Cairo and this caused the deaths of at least… Read More.

Zynga drops plans for U.S. online gambling

Zynga has dropped plans to pursue a license for online gambling in the United States since doing so is bringing… Read More.

83-year-old Yacht wins the race

The boat that won this year's Transpacific Yacht Race won the race for the first time in 1936. It was… Read More.

Man gets fake FBI child porn alert, arrested for child porn

21-year-old Virginian Jay Riley received a pop-up "FBI warning" asking him to pay a fine for child pornography and as… Read More.

Owners of real-life 'The Conjuring' home are kept up in the night

People curious about the 1730s-era home made famous by the movie "The Conjuring" have added to the troubles of the… Read More.