What Happened on 28 February 2014

Divers save choking shark in Australia

Australian divers got close to a choking shark last week and the rescue was caught on tape.  Reports suggest that… Read More.

Costa Concordia captain returns to wreck

Two years after the ship wreck took the lives of 32 people, captain Francesco Schettino went back to Costa Concordia… Read More.

Car bomb kills 12 in Somalia

Al-Shabaab rebels have claimed responsibility for a car bomb explosion that killed 12 people on Thursday.  The attack took place… Read More.

New home sales in the US hit fast pace

The sale of new homes in the US hit the fastest pace last month in over five years. This could… Read More.

Save your time and money while buying sunglasses

Matt Granite of the USA Today has saved the day once again. During his continued search to find good bargains,… Read More.

Many Americans delay retiring for benefits

Americans continue to delay retirement for benefits and insurance. Half of them admit that they enjoy their work.  The number… Read More.

Boston marathon introduces new rules this year

Last year's bombing has resulted in the Boston Athletic Association to introduce a new set of rules. Several things including… Read More.

Paula Deen empathizes with Michael Sam

Paula Deen features on the cover of People this month and apart from her standard apology, she mentioned in the… Read More.

Boeing's new smartphone can self-destruct

President Obama is going to be happy about this one: Boeing, a company that normally deals with planes, is expected… Read More.

UK spies steal images from webcam chats

This latest scoop takes the issue of privacy to a whole new level. Reports suggest that UK surveillance agency GCHQ… Read More.

Muslims are unhappy about the new Katy Perry video

Over 65,000 people have a signed a petition asking YouTube to remove the new video Katy Perry video entitled "Dark… Read More.

Katy perry assists in delivering baby

Katy Perry has changed her candy-coated image in the past few months and has made her way up to concert… Read More.