What Happened on 27 September 2013

Ex-teacher freed after serving 30 days for child rape

A former high school teacher has been freed after completing a 30-day prison sentence. The judge is being criticized for… Read More.

NC couple escaped Kenya mall attack

A couple from Asheville, NC had gone to Kenya for a safari. After taking a daytrip to a Nairobi mall,… Read More.

New island in Pakistan releasing mysterious gas

The new island about half a mile off the coast that emerged due to the earthquake in Pakistan is reportedly… Read More.

Lawsuit against Google email ads allowed

A federal judge allowed a lawsuit against Google Inc. over allegations it scanned its users' emails to be able to… Read More.

McDonald's goes global on nutritional offerings

McDonald's is in partnership with a nutrition-focused branch and has revealed that it will soon be offering salads as sides… Read More.

Report: Detroit went overboard paying pensions

It seems Detroit was extremely generous while paying pensions, which costed the city $2B. It offered the current workers extra… Read More.

Young football players take adult-size hits

A new study regarding the danger aspect of football is guaranteed to shock parents. According to researchers, kids as young… Read More.

Ex-NFL player commits suicide

Former San Diego Charger Paul Oliver died in Georgia on Tuesday from a gunshot wound, which the police said was… Read More.

Apple map users drive across runway

While trying to get to the Fairbanks International Airport, two drivers in the past three weeks have instead driven across… Read More.

Catholic church fined for mass texting

Austria's Roman Catholic church has been fined for mass texting. It has reportedly been violating the law by sending mass… Read More.

Sofia Vergara said twerking was all in good fun

Sofia Vergara tweeted a photo pf herself grinding after the Emmys on Sunday. She included a message saying, "Miley Cyrus… Read More.

Disney tweaks rules on disabled

People with disabilities no longer have an advantage over the rest at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. After people began… Read More.