What Happened on 27 November 2013

It's now illegal to go out with 10 people in Egypt

A new law in Egypt forbids any protests if they're not approved by the government three days in advance. The… Read More.

Buddha may have achieved enlightenment 200 years earlier

A team of archaeologists said Buddha's birthday may be wrong by 200 years.  Experts dug under the temple considered to… Read More.

The worst of Snowden leaks could come all at once

A US official warned that the worst in the Edward Snowden leaks are yet to come and they could all… Read More.

Starbucks to become a shopping destination

Starbucks is aiming to become a shopping destination this Black Friday and is offering its customers a 16-ounce tumbler filled… Read More.

Fairy Godmother accused of stealing 5.1M

Ephonia Green has been referred to as being a "fairy godmother" especially for military brides becase she's been giving away… Read More.

H&M to pay living wage to Bangladesh workers

H&M is trying to do something about the terrible working conditions that a lot of garment workers endure in Cambodia… Read More.

Matt Reis honored for his heroic deeds

New England Revolution goalkeeper Matt Reis has been honored after he saved the life of his father-in-law John Odom at… Read More.

LeBron to host the Heat team for Thanksgiving dinner

The Miami Heat players are not getting to go home this Thanksgiving since they are scheduled to play in Cleveland… Read More.

Internet made its own proposition

You no longer need to use "of" in your sentences since "because" is now a proposition on the Internet. For… Read More.

More troubles for John McAfee

Antivirus software pioneer John McAfee is in trouble again: After his building manager warmed him of his late rent, McAfee… Read More.

Katie Couric to officially join Yahoo

Katie Couric is officially moving toward online news. According to Yahoo, the Hollywood reporter will be its global anchor from… Read More.

Something tragic happens on Family Guy

A character in the popular show 'Family Guy' died in its latest episode. Brian the dog died after getting hit… Read More.