What Happened on 27 February 2014

Doctor charged of sexually assaulting his patients

Toronto anesthesiologist George Doodnaught got sentenced to 10 years in prison for sexually assaulting 21 women during surgery.  Reports suggest… Read More.

China's food supply may be at risk

Beijing's air is particularly lousy nowadays and Chinese president Xi Jinping thought it was necessary to show his support for… Read More.

Ex-Pope: I was never forced out

Former Pope Benedict spoke out in regards to the rumors about him being forced out about one year ago.  He… Read More.

32 percent of Americans are not saving their money

A recent survey revealed that one-third of American household aren't saving any of their earnings for a rainy day.  According… Read More.

Target profit drops by 46 percent

Target's data breach didn't only affect the company's PR but also caused it some financial troubles.  The company blamed the… Read More.

Canada teaches alcoholics to brew beer

A Vancouver group has come up with another harm reduction strategy, which teaches hardened alcoholics how to brew their own… Read More.

Aaron Hernandez gets into trouble inside prison

Being behind bars is not the same as staying out of trouble when it comes to Aaron Hernandez. Reports suggest… Read More.

Lobbyist proposes bill to ban gay NFLers

Republican lobbyist Jack Burkman proposed a bill aimed at banning gay players from the NFL. "We are losing our decency… Read More.

Glass wearer claims to be a victim of hate crime

Google Glass has already been involved in a lot of incidents and tech publicist Sarah Slocum recently claimed that she… Read More.

Court orders YouTube to remove Muslim video

An anti-Muslim video cannot be viewed on YouTube any longer since a federal court ordered Google to take it down.… Read More.

It was Patton who ended the marriage with Thicke

Sources reveal that it was Patton's decision to separate from Robin Thicke. The couple acknowledged that they had been fighting… Read More.

Katy Perry's relationship with Mayer comes to an end

Fans can officially stop thinking about why Katy Perry likes John Mayer since the couple seems to be broken up… Read More.