What Happened on 26 October 2013

7.3 earthquake hits Japan

A strong earthquake of magnitude 7.3 rattled Japan but reports suggest that Fukushima nuclear plant wasn't damaged.  The affected region,… Read More.

Saudi women plan on driving illegally

Women in Saudi Arabia have planned on protesting the country's law and taking to the road.  According to the organizers,… Read More.

Current grads will retire 12 years late

Debt loads will force today's graduates to retire when they're 72 instead of at the average age of 61.  Reports… Read More.

Racing pigeons tested positive for drugs

There's a brand new doping scandal but it doesn't involve cyclists this time. In fact, it doesn't even involve humans… Read More.

Twitter has no women on its board

Although, women are more likely to be Twitter users than men are, the company doesn't have any women on its… Read More.

Kylie Jenner throws tantrum after being denied alcohol

Kylie Jenner was with Jaden Smith and a few of her other friends when she went to a hotel in… Read More.