What Happened on 26 May 2016

Three atomic bomb survivors to attend Hiroshima events for Obama visit

On Friday, President Barack Obama will become the first incumbent leader of the United States to visit Hiroshima, the site… Read More.

One killed at rapper T.I's concert in New York City

A man was killed in a shooting incident at a New York City concert venue. As per media reports, rapper… Read More.

Indonesia toughens punishment for child rapists

Indonesia is toughening punishments for child rapists. The punishments would now include the death penalty and even chemical castration. As… Read More.

Nuclear power plant workers in France to go on strike

Workers at nuclear power stations in France would go on a strike on May 26. The workers have taken the… Read More.

Price of oil has gone above $50 per barrel

For the first time in 2016, the price of oil has gone above $50 per barrel. As per reports, in… Read More.

FI driver Jules Bianchi's family taking legal action over death

The family of Jules Bianchi, a Formula 1 racing driver, is taking legal action following his death last year. According… Read More.