What Happened on 24 September 2013

Egypt bans Muslim Brotherhood

An Egyptian court has outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood and has ordered the confiscation of its assets.  The ruling can be… Read More.

Typhoon kills dozens in South China

A ferocious typhoon took the lives of at least 25 people in the Guangdong province of south China. Classified as… Read More.

UN Report shows progress on AIDS

According to the annual UN report on HIV/AIDS, about 35.3M people are infected with the same. The list of numbers… Read More.

BlackBerry purchased corporate jet in July

BlackBerry has been planning on cutting 40 percent of its workforce and has also suffered a second-quarter loss of about… Read More.

Fake reviewers taken down in New York

The state of New York has managed to crack down on fake reviews and a long investigation has revealed that… Read More.

Sharp rebuilds company by selling strawberries

Perhaps you remember owning a Sharp television a couple of years ago. The company reported a $5.5B loss and had… Read More.

Rashad Johnson loses top of his finger

Injuries in the NFL are fairly common and sometimes become a blur but the one that Cardinals safety Rashad Johnson… Read More.

Baby celebrates at A's celebration with beer

The Oakland A's won the AL West and celebrated their victory on Sunday with beer and champagne. However, the usual… Read More.

Man drove 3M miles in 1996 Volvo

Irv Gordon has set a new record by driving his 1966 Volvo P1800 three million miles as of Sept. 17.… Read More.

Successful weekend for Apple

Apple said it has been able to sell nine million of its new models this weekend. This topped the Wall… Read More.

WikiLeaks leaks script

Julian Assange has referred to the upcoming movie, "The Fifth Estate" as being a "massive propaganda attack".  His site, WikiLeaks… Read More.

Rihanna's Instagram photo leads to arrests

Rihanna spent a weekend in Thailand while being on a break from her World Tour. She posted a photo of… Read More.