What Happened on 24 February 2015

Shooting in Czech restaurant kills 8

A shooting at a restaurant in a Czech Republic town has killed at least eight people,… Read More.

US-South Korea joint military exercises to start from March 2

The US and South Korea have said that the annual joint military drills… Read More.

Turkey criticizes UK for 'late information' on schoolgirls planning to join jihadists in Syria

The Turkish government has criticized the UK for taking too much time to inform it about three… Read More.

French President seeks tougher laws to tackle anti-semitism, hate speech

French President Francois Hollande has proposed tougher laws on anti-semitism and racist crimes. During a dinner organized by a Jewish… Read More.

Russian President says war with Ukraine 'unlikely', backs ceasefire deal

Russia’s president Vladimir Putin has said that the war with Ukraine was “unlikely”, and emphasized his support for the Minsk… Read More.

Mining giant BHP Billiton's profits down by 31%

BHP Billiton has posted a half-yearly profit of $5.35 billion, down 31% from the previous year mostly because of falling… Read More.

UK oil and gas industry reports worst performance in decades

Britain’s offshore oil and gas sector’s annual performance is the worst in four decades. Because of dropping oil prices and… Read More.

HSBC reports 17% fall in profits, declares 2014 as 'challenging year'

HSBC has posted a profit of $18.7 billion for 2014, down 17% from the previous year, amid an ongoing controversy… Read More.

Bailout extension: Greece unveils summary of reform list

The Greek government has unveiled the summary of the reforms that it will present before eurozone leaders to get a… Read More.

Cricket: Chris Gayle smashes first double century in World Cup history

Chris Gayle has become the first man to score a double century in the history of the World Cup. The… Read More.

Apple to invest € 1.7bn in data centers in Denmark, Ireland

Technology giant Apple will invest 1.7 billion euros to develop data centers in Denmark and Ireland. The… Read More.

Android phones can be tracked without using GPS: Study

It is possible to track an Android phone by examining its power use over a period, a new study revealed.… Read More.

Australia strips disgraced entertainer Rolf Harris of honours

Disgraced entertainer and artist Rolf Harris has been stripped of his honors in Australia following his conviction… Read More.