What Happened on 24 December 2013

Inventor of AK-47 dies at 94

His last name is sure to be remembered for a long time after his death. After being hospitalized due to… Read More.

US sends troops to South Sudan

About 150 American troops are headed to South Sudan in order to evacuate more Americans and secure the US embassy. … Read More.

American imprisoned for posting funny video last year

Looks like the UAE cannot handle jokes: Three men, including an American citizen named Shezanne Cassim have been sentenced to… Read More.

ObamaCare deadline extended by a day

The Obama administration decided to extend the deadline to sign up for a health care plan by 24 hours.  A… Read More.

George Zimmerman makes $100K profit

George Zimmerman is not "just an artist" anymore. He's now an artist who has raked in a substantial amount of… Read More.

Spain awards $3.4B to the masses

Spain's "El Gordo (the fat one)" lottery spread holiday cheer and hard cash to the people in the nation during… Read More.

Matthew Stafford's girlfriend defended him on Twitter

Most of us think that Matthew Stafford is a disappointing quarterback for a not-so-impressive team.  However, to some people like… Read More.

Sharks' forward to undergo knee surgery

San Jose Sharks forward is going to be sidelined for over a month after having a right knee surgery next… Read More.

Snapchat could change the Internet

Internet users are used to the idea that everything ancient like posts and photos can be dug up on sites… Read More.

Thieves crash vehicle into Berlin Apple store

A group of thieves reportedly crashed a stolen Opel Corsa into an Apple store in Berlin and got away with… Read More.

Louisiana may keep 'Duck Dynasty' on the air

Louisiana may be able to rescue 'Duck Dynasty': Lieutenant Governor Jay Dardenne has offered his influence to the cast of… Read More.

Kate Winslet names her kid Bear

Turns out the name "Bear" is not only popular among male dogs: It's also a common baby name among Hollywood… Read More.