What Happened on 23 June 2016

Man who opened fire in cinema complex in Germany shot dead

The police have shot dead the masked man who had reportedly opened fire in a cinema complex in Germany. According… Read More.

Women Demanding Abortion to Keep Away Zika Virus

June 23, 2016: Many women in Latin America have demanded abortion so that they do not give birth to babies… Read More.

Grief Among Fans on Amjad Sabri's Death

One of the most famous Sufi devotional singers in Pakistan, Amjad Sabri was killed by two men, who opened fire… Read More.

Successful Missile Test Claimed by North Korea

  Successful Missile Test Claimed by North Korea June 23, 2016: Claimed by North Korea on Thursday, an intermediate range… Read More.

McDonald's First Bid in China Confirmed by Franchises

The first bid for China and Hong Kong's McDonald's restaurants has been confirmed by the franchises. With existing more than… Read More.

Christiano Ronaldo Threw Reporter's Microphone into Lake

Christiano Ronaldo, the Real Madrid player threw a reporter's microphone into lake. He was out for a stroll when a… Read More.