What Happened on 23 January 2014

1500-year-old church unearthed in Israel

Preparations for a plot of earth for new construction in Israel led to the discovery for a 1500-year-old church.  The… Read More.

Huge, rare diamond found in South Africa

A rare and huge blue diamond was recently found in a mine in South Africa and reports suggest that it… Read More.

Rob Ford filmed making drunken rant

There haven't been much updates on Rob Ford's controversial behavior since he announced his bid for re-election. However, it looks… Read More.

Google Glass user pulled from theater

Is it legal to wear Google Glass in move theaters? A theater located in Ohio pulled a user from his… Read More.

Apple's 1984 commercial turns 30

It's not uncommon for people to talk about Apple's "iconic" Super Bowl ad from 1984. However, it's especially appropriate to… Read More.

China's internet rerouted to Wyoming

People in China struggled with the Internet after the nation's web traffic surprisingly got rerouted to a building located in… Read More.

Several Olympic teams receive death threats

There are major terror concerns surrounding the upcoming Sochi Games after five teams received threatening letters.  The letters are written… Read More.

Norway's curling team to wear crazy pants to the Olympics

Norway's men's curling team has picked their amazing new outfits. The team previously wore bold patterned golf pants at the… Read More.

Developer makes sex app for Google Glass

It's not surprising that Google Glass may soon be able to make your sex life better with its new app… Read More.

Candy Crush maker to trademark the word 'Candy'

Developers should be warned that they can't use the word "candy" for their next game. The company behind Candy Crush… Read More.

Bill Cosby to return to NBC

Bill Cosby will soon star in an NBC sitcom but the show is reportedly still in its planning phase.  A… Read More.

Danny Trejo doesn't approve of Bieber's egg scandal

Danny Trejo spoke about Justin Bieber's role in his recent egg throwing scandal and said if he were to do… Read More.