What Happened on 22 November 2013

Dead baby wakes up crying after two days

A baby pronounced dead woke up after two days in eastern China. He was born with severe deformities last month… Read More.

'Door to hell' burning since 42 years

Scientists set this 230-foot wide crater on fire in 1971 in order to search for natural gas reserves in a… Read More.

Mexico's prisons are being controlled by inmates themselves

Prisons in Mexico are not in a good condition to say the least. Reports suggest that about 65 percent of… Read More.

Senate panel advances Yellen's nomination

Janet Yellen's nomination as the head of the Federal Reserve has been advanced and a final vote in the Senate… Read More.

McDonald's McRib won't go national

There's some bad news for McRib fans: The sandwich won't be available nationwide this year. The company said it has… Read More.

Gold bars worth $1M found in airplane

Jet Airways workers made an expensive discovery: Two dozen gold bars worth $1M hidden in two boxes and stuffed into… Read More.

Donovan McNabb denied bully allegations

Donovan McNabb said former teammate Shawn Andrew's allegations that he was a bully in the locker room are false.  "This… Read More.

NCAA sued over head injuries in Atlanta

Two formal college football players have sued NCAA saying it didn't educate players about the risks of head injuries in… Read More.

Amazon scored more films for Prime users

Amazon made a deal with film studio A24 in order to provide its Prime users with more programming.  The arrangement… Read More.

UK gave NSA access to its citizens' data

British Intelligence officials let the NSA collect phone, email and internet records of UK citizens for the use of American… Read More.

Eminem may get back with ex wife

Eminem doesn't have the most healthy relationship with his ex-wife Kim Mathers but their relationship is definitely interesting.  Recent reports… Read More.

Chris Brown kicked out of anger rehab

Chris Brown didn't leave anger management rehab by choice this week. He was instead, kicked out after he smashed his… Read More.