What Happened on 21 June 2016

War Crimes Led Congo Warlord Behind the Bars

Jean-Pierre Bemba, ex-rebel leader of the Democratic Republic of Congo, has been put behind the bars for 18 years. He… Read More.

Car Bomb Attack in Syrian Border Kills 6 Jordanian Security Forces

A car bomb attack was launched from the Syrian side in which 6 Jordanian security forces were killed. The incident… Read More.

Orlando Shooter Described Himself an Islamic Soldier

 Location of orlando nightclub shooting Orlando Shooter Described… Read More.

US Senate Rejects Restriction on Gun Sales

After the Orlando shooting, four proposals were brought to the Senate. However, after a through discussion, the proposals have been… Read More.

Man arrested in Brussels following anti-terror operation

Authorities in Belgium have arrested a man following an anti-terror operation that was sparked by a bomb alert in… Read More.

Hearing Held by South Korea for North Korean Waitresses Defectors

South Korea has held a hearing for the North Korean waitresses on Tuesday who reportedly defected in April. However, the… Read More.

Briton Arrested for Attempting to Kill Donald Trump

A Briton, Michael Steven Sandford, 20, tried to grab a police officer's gun with an intention to shoot Donald Trump… Read More.