What Happened on 21 June 2014

Biggest volcano may come back to life

Hawaii's Mauna Loa, which is said to be the largest volcano in the world may come back to life after… Read More.

Woman faces life in prison after saving ducks

A Canadian woman who stopped her vehicle in the middle of a highway in order to save ducklings on the… Read More.

Woman in Pakistan gang-raped

There has been another hanging of a woman and authorities mention that the incident has occurred in Pakistan this time.… Read More.

25 percent of India to turn into a desert

About one quarter of the land in India is reportedly becoming a desert due to the over-use of land and… Read More.

Starbucks to raise its prices

People who complain about Starbucks' high prices are going to have more to complain about.  The company announced that it's… Read More.

Lawsuit against CVS is linked to blindness

A Houston man is reportedly suing CVS since a pharmacy apparently ruined his one eye. The 65-year-old Claudis Alston was… Read More.

Hope Solo charged with domestic violence

Soccer star Hope Solo has been charged with domestic violence after she hit her sister and nephew.  "There were visible… Read More.

Baseball should ban chewing tobacco

Tony Gwynn blamed his death on chewing tobacco and nearly 1 in 3 big-leaguers have the same bad habit, as… Read More.

Yo gets hacked

The messaging app that lets users send "Yo" to their contact has been hacked. Reports suggest that the hackers took… Read More.

Google hosts a coding party

Google is making an effort to reduce the gender imbalance noticed at the company and the industry as a whole… Read More.

Kelly Clarkson posts first photo of her daughter

Kelly Clarkson posted a photo of her newborn daughter River Rose for the first time on social media.  "Here is… Read More.

Tracy Morgan goes to rehab

Tracy Morgan's publicist announced that he's headed to a rehab center after getting out of the hospital.  The source mentioned… Read More.