What Happened on 20 November 2014

Two men detained after the murder of Miss Honduras and her sister

Honduras police arrested two men in connection with the murder of the missing beauty queen Maria Jose Alvarado and her… Read More.

Leftist party will lead German state government after historic agreement

Germany will see its first regional president from the far-left since the Berlin War came down and after Leftist parties… Read More.

30 former Chilean political prisoners compensated

A court in Chile has told the state to pay about $7.5 million to 30 former political prisoners as compensation,… Read More.

Hostage release: Colombian government and Farc rebels reach agreement

Farc rebels and the Colombian government have reached an agreement over the conditions essential for the release of an army… Read More.

Controversial Indian guru Rampal arrested

After several days of stand-off and clashes with the inmates of an ashram, the police in India have arrested a… Read More.

Obesity costs the world £1.3 trillion

Obesity’s worldwide cost is comparable to armed conflict, smoking, and more than climate change and alcoholism, according to new research.… Read More.

Best places to do business: Singapore again tops the list

Singapore has again topped a worldwide list of best places to do business, media reports say. The tiny Asian city-state… Read More.

Formula 1 driver Jules Bianchi out of coma, say parents

Jules Bianchi, the Formula 1 driver who suffered serious head injuries during a crash at the Japanese GP in October,… Read More.

Privacy watchdogs flag breached webcam site

People across the world are being warned by data watchdogs about a website that reportedly contains live feeds to baby… Read More.

UK denies visa to American 'pick-up artist'

Britain has denied a visa to Julien Blanc, the US “pick-up artist.” In his seminars, Blanc teaches men the art… Read More.

NBC scraps new show with Bill Cosby

A new show with comedian and actor Bill Cosby has been scrapped by NBC following accusations of sexual assaults against… Read More.

'Brokenhearted' singer Jimmy Ruffin dies

Jimmy Ruffin, the man who sang ‘What Becomes of the Brokenhearted’ — a Motown classic — has died aged 78… Read More.