What Happened on 20 March 2014

What if the missing jet is never found?

Despite the ongoing investigations, there is a possibility that Flight 370 is never found. It wouldn't be the first time… Read More.

Lack of sleep could fry your brain cells

A lack of sleep wouldn't only make you feel groggy but also injure your brain. A new study has revealed… Read More.

The fire theory regarding missing jet is incorrect

A veteran pilot came up with a theory regarding the missing Malaysian Airlines flight and mentioned that the fire may… Read More.

Fed to stop using unemployment as guide

The Federal Reserve announced that it's going to start looking for other economic metrics instead of only relying on the… Read More.

Toyota writes a big check to end criminal investigation

Toyota is now expected to pay $1.2B in order to end a four-year-long investigation by the Justice Department. The US… Read More.

Scrap dealer finds famed eggs at flea market

A scrap-metal dealer recently discovered one of the eight Faberage imperial eggs at a flea market in America. Reports suggest… Read More.

McCaffery to coach Iowa after son's surgery

Fran McCaffery is expected to coach the Iowa Hawkeyes after the surgery of his 13-year-old son. Reports suggest that McCaffery's… Read More.

Pistorius blocks his ears during testimony

Oscar Pistorius blocked his ears with fingers during his murder trial. The 27-year-old has been charged with murder in the… Read More.

Snowden promises more revelations in TED talk

Edward Snowden surprisingly appeared at the TED conference and the inventor of the Internet Tim Berners-Lee called him a hero. … Read More.

Guy takes revenge by sending 30k texts

A man spent $133 to buy a PlayStation 3 on UK but never ended up receiving it. He discovered that… Read More.

L'Wren wanted to make sure she died

Mick Jagger's late girlfriend L'Wren Scott wrapped a tie around her neck when she hanged herself with a scarf.  This… Read More.

Dying town Carinda needs saving

Remote town Carinda where David Bowie's comeback video was filmed, isn't doing too great. Many people have abandoned the region… Read More.