What Happened on 18 August 2013

Scotland Yard to review information on Diana's death

Scotland Yard is reportedly looking at new information on the death of Princess Diana. It hasn't revealed any details but… Read More.

Ferry sinks after collision in Philippines

31 people were found dead after a ferry collided with a cargo ship in southern Philippine islands. 172 other people… Read More.

Women, minorities make up small fraction of boardrooms

Women and minorities make only a small fraction of the members in America's board. This has remained unchanged since the… Read More.

Browns rookie out of hospital

Browns rookie linebacker has been released from the hospital after spending two nights in the facility for having a bruised… Read More.

Consumers wishing for better battery life in the new iPhones

Consumers wish to see a better battery life in the new iPhones that are supposed to be released on Sept.… Read More.

Another 'Spider-Man' actor injured

The Broadway musical was halted since an actor was injured during the performance. Daniel Curry, who plays Spider-Man suffered a… Read More.