What Happened on 18 April 2017

Trump Aides Abruptly Scrubs Meeting to Decide Whether to Stay in Paris Climate Deal

As per reports, a meeting to decide whether the US should stay in the Paris climate agreement, was postponed… Read More.

French Police Seize Bomb-making Materials After Two Suspects Arrested

As per reports, guns and bomb-making materials were seized by the police in Marseille after detaining two men who were… Read More.

California: Gunman Kills Three White Men in Race Attack

As per reports, a black gunman opened fire, killing three white men and injuring one in Fresno, California on… Read More.

Location Map of Shooting in Fresno, California
Theresa May Calls Early General Election in UK

As per reports, UK Prime Minister Theresa May has called for an early general election, seeking a stronger mandate… Read More.

North Korea to Test Missiles Weekly, Monthly and Yearly, Says Senior Official

As per reports, Vice-Foreign Minister Han Song-ryol mentioned that North Korea is going to test missiles on weekly, monthly… Read More.

Five Killed as Plane Crashes Near Lisbon Supermarket

As per reports, a small plane crashed near a supermarket in Lisbon killing four people on board and a… Read More.

Location Map of Plane Crash in Portugal
Trump Signs Executive Order to Start Reining in H-1B Visa Program

As per reports, US President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Tuesday in order to begin reining in… Read More.

Chinese Economy Accelerates in First Quarter

As per reports, China's economy in the first quarter of 2017 saw a growth of 6.9%. The growth is… Read More.

Champions League: Real Madrid Defeats Bayern Munich

As per reports, Real Madrid defeated Bayern Munich with a 4-2 extra-time win and 6-3 aggregate on Tuesday to reach… Read More.

Canada Wins Rugby Seven Series Cup Final

As per reports, Canada made history in Singapore by beating three of the top five teams and clinching its first… Read More.