What Happened on 16 May 2014

Boko Haram is not an Islamist group

Boko Haram says it's an Islamist group and is frequently called the same in the news. However,… Read More.

Ferry sinking kills eight in Bangladesh

Over 100 people were onboard a ferry when it sank in central Bangladesh today. Reports suggest that the tragedy occurred… Read More.

Kids are unsafe in US tobacco farms

Children have been suffering from respiratory problems among other issues on US tobacco farms.  Human Rights Watch revealed that these… Read More.

Sterling talks about his divorce

Donald Sterling mentioned that he and his wife may actually get a divorce but Shelly Sterling is holding it back… Read More.

You can now text your emergency

Some areas now allow AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon or Sprint users to text their emergency to 911 instead of making an… Read More.

Robin Thicke continues to beg for his marriage back

It appears that Robin Thicke is still trying to win over his estranged wife. According to TMZ, the singer is… Read More.