What Happened on 16 March 2016

Mass killer Breivik says Norway trying to kill him

Anders Behring Breivik, a Norwegian mass killer, has blamed Norway for attempting to kill him with five… Read More.

California homeless man helps police recapture fugitives, to be rewarded $100,000

A homeless man from the city of San Francisco in California, who helped the police to recapture… Read More.

Belgium on high alert

Brussels is on a high alert as a police operation is underway. The operation follows a raid connected to the… Read More.

Bus bomb explosion claims 15 lives in Peshawar

At least 15 people died after a bomb exploded in a bus in the Pakistani city of Read More.

Ecuador: Military plane crashes in a jungle; 22 dead

A military plane crashed in Ecuador's jungle on Tuesday that killed all 22 people on board, according tot the announcement… Read More.