What Happened on 16 January 2016

Iran frees four US prisoners

In anticipation of lifting of international sanctions, Iran has released Jason Rezaian, Washington Post reporter, and three… Read More.

Sanctions to be lifted, says Iran's Foreign Minister

Javad Zarif, Foreign Minister of Iran, said international sanction against the country would be lifted today. The… Read More.

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz engage in a bitter debate

With barely a fortnight to go before Iowa Republicans seal the stamp on one of Donald Trump or Ted Cruz… Read More.

Taiwan votes for a new President as questions loom over ties with China

Taiwan is all set to appoint an independence-leaning opposition leader as the first woman president of the country. The new… Read More.

Gunmen attack hotel in Burkina Faso, 20 dead

Burkina Faso: Siege of Splendid hotel declared over, second hotel now under attack The government… Read More.