What Happened on 16 January 2014

Thieves attempt to steal Sigmund Freud's ashes

Burglars failed in their attempt to steal Sigmund Freud's ashes from a crematorium in London and police are currently on… Read More.

Recent video shows US soldier held captive is alive

A new video received by the US military shows Srg. Bowe Bergdahl, who is the only solder being held captive… Read More.

Teen allowed on place after being in possession of explosives

A pipe bomb was discovered in the 18-year-old Skylar Murphy's carry-on bag but that wasn't enough to not let him… Read More.

Google has found a way into our homes

Google recently bought a thermostats and smoke alarms maker for $3.2B, which could be seen as being an annexation of… Read More.

NSA can spy on offline computer

NSA interviews and documents reveal that the agency has the ability to spy on people's computers even if they are… Read More.

Ex-NYT editor and wife criticize cancer fighter

Former executive editor of the New York Times and his wife wrote columns, questioning the dignity of Lisa Bonchek Adams,… Read More.

Coach suing his player for unintentionally injuring him

California Little League coach Alan Beck is suing his 14-year-old player for accidentally throwing a helmet at him and tearing… Read More.

Dolphins quarterback's wife leaves rifle inside the rental car

Judith Fleissig rented a car previously used by Lauren Tannehill and found an unpleasant surprise in the back seat.  Turns… Read More.

Recent ruling may completely change the face of the Internet

A court ruled yesterday that Internet service providers are free to function without the non-discrimination rules of the FCC. The… Read More.

Boxer helps teach Indian women how to fight

India is a country where sexual violence against women is extremely common but still not reported. Olympic boxer Mary Kom… Read More.

Johnny Depp's girlfriend spotted wearing a ring

Johnny Depp may be headed down the aisle: His girlfriend Amber Heard has been seen with a diamond ring on… Read More.

Sarah Jessica Parker offers sneak peak into her new line

Sarah Jessica Parker's shoe line is expected to be available on Feb. 28 at Nordstrom. However,… Read More.