What Happened on 15 July 2015

US Republicans slam Iran nuclear agreement

US Republicans have slammed the nuclear deal reached between world powers and Iran that limits the country's nuclear activity and… Read More.

Venezuela: Opposition leader barred from holding public office for a year

Maria Corina Machado, a key Venezuelan opposition figure, has been barred for a year from public offices, reports say. The… Read More.

US: Obama calls for major reforms in criminal justice system

US President Obama has called for major reforms in the country’s criminal justice system that include voting rights for felons… Read More.

20 tourists arrested in China's Inner Mongolia region

Twenty tourists including eleven British nationals have been arrested in China, reports said. The tourists, including South… Read More.

Sales of KFC owner Yum Brands in China continue to disappoint

Sales of American fast food firm Yum Brands have fallen for the fourth straight quarter as its business in China… Read More.

China: Economy grows 7% in second quarter, beats expectations

Beating expectations, the Chinese economy expanded by 7% in the second quarter compared to a year ago, but it was… Read More.

Japanese firm Honda to pay $24m to settle race discrimination claim

Japanese firm Honda has agreed to pay $24 million to settle discrimination claims in the US. The firm allegedly charged… Read More.

Banking giant JP Morgan Chase reports 5.2% rise in profits

Exceeding expectations, JP Morgan Chase has posted a 5.2% increase in profits for the second quarter to $6.29 billion amid… Read More.

Greece debt crisis: Confusion mounts as IMF attacks bailout deal

In further evidence of confusion among international lenders over what path to take to tackle the Greek debt crisis, the… Read More.

Security threat: Mozilla blocks Adobe's Flash by default on Firefox

The Adobe Flash software has been blocked by default on all Firefox browser versions. Firefox developer Mozilla said that the… Read More.