What Happened on 15 December 2013

Iran launched its second monkey into space

Reports suggest that Iran managed to send a second monkey into space and the state TV said the launch of… Read More.

Cairo gets snow after a century

Something wonderful happened in Cairo: It saw snow after over a hundred years.  "It's the first time in my life… Read More.

'Layaway Santas' are on the rise this season

'Layaway Santas' became a trend in the country in 2011, which appears to be on the rise this year.  The… Read More.

Lance Armstrong paid rival to throw a race

An Italian cyclist named Roberto Gaggioli said he threw a race back in 1993 after being paid by Lance Armstrong… Read More.

Man blames government for ruining his life over a Google search

Jeffrey Kantor said the federal government ruined his life and even got him fired from his job because of a… Read More.

Paul Walker's brother may be his replacement for next movie

Paul Walker died while he was on a break from filming the next Fast & Furious and sources revealed that… Read More.