What Happened on 14 March 2014

Oscar Pistorius vomits at murder trial

Oscar Pistorius threw up once again during his murder trail when things got graphic. Photographs of Reeva Steenkamp after she… Read More.

Dead baby revives after 25 minutes

Robin Cyr was told by the doctors right after giving birth that her child had died. However, 25 minutes later… Read More.

Missing jet may have flown for 4 hours after losing signal

The mystery regarding the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 just got a little more confusing: US investigators stated that the… Read More.

Target ignored warnings about the hack

Target definitely had a top-notch security software that could have prevented last year's massive hack. The software kept screaming that… Read More.

Amazon Prime fee increased to $99

After anticipating for several months, Amazon mentioned that it will be increasing its Prime fee to $99.  Reports suggest that… Read More.

Names of Mars craters will not be recognized

A plan to sell the names of Mars' craters in order to raise money is not going so well. Reports… Read More.

Steve Nash is not retiring since he wants the money

Steve Nash has only appeared in 10 games this season but has suffered several injuries, leading to people discussing if… Read More.

Rich Peverley to end season

Rich Peverley will not be playing for the season after he collapsed on the bench mid-game.  Whether or not the… Read More.

Stick to your smartphone instead of upgrading it

It's easy to forget the value of our gadgets due to our convenient contracts with carriers but the new generation… Read More.

Chimp beats adults at video game

Perhaps video games should begin marketing to apes instead: A 22-year-old chimp did better than four adults and 12 kids… Read More.

Clothier uses highly qualified models

San Francisco-based online clothing company Betabrand just launched its spring line and featured intelligent models in its new collection.  Reports… Read More.

Julia Roberts' texts to half sister were quite chilly

Sad stories about Julia Roberts' bad relationship with her half-sister Nancy Motes still haven't been exhausted and text messages between… Read More.