What Happened on 13 October 2013

Scientist didn't know he had won a nobel prize

Groundbreaking physicist Peter Higgs doesn't own a cellphone. Hence, the Nobel Prize Committee had a hard time getting in touch… Read More.

50 dead when boat capsized off Italy

About 50 people died when a boat carrying migrants capsized in Sicily today; the incident wasn't as bad as it… Read More.

McDonald's to offer books with happy meals

McDonald's is soon going to offer books along with its happy meals and an advocacy group is criticizing this announcement. … Read More.

Adrian Peterson's son killed in assault

NFL running back Adrian Peterson's 2-year old son died after his mother's new boyfriend Joseph Patterson allegedly beat him.  The… Read More.

'The Circle' will scare you off social media

Although most of us are aware of the drawbacks that come from being addicted to using social media, it's not… Read More.

India could jail Miss Universe for photo shoot

Miss Universe Olivia Culpo might be in trouble for shooting a shoe commercial at the Taj Mahal. Indian police have… Read More.