What Happened on 13 May 2015

US mulls military patrols of China's artificial islands in South China Sea

The US is reportedly considering sending military aircraft and ships to ensure free navigation around the widening artificial islands built… Read More.

North Korea's defense chief executed, reports say

The North Korean regime has executed its defense chief Hyon Yong Chol on charges of treason, according to the South… Read More.

Pope Francis calls for environmental protection to ensure 'food for all'

Making his views on environmental issues and food security clear, Pope Francis has called for greater protection of the environment… Read More.

Karachi bus attack: 41 killed

  At least 41 people, including women, were killed and… Read More.

M6.8 Earthquake off the coast of Japan

Earthquake off the coast of JapanA 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of northeastern Japan at… Read More.

US telecom giant Verizon agrees to buy AOL for $4.4bn

US firm Verizon is buying AOL in a $4.4-billion deal. The purchase, which needs regulatory approval, will… Read More.

Greece on the edge, taps emergency reserves to pay IMF loan

In another reminder of how precarious Greece’s finances are, the country had to tap into its emergency… Read More.

Barcelona reach Champions League final despite second-leg loss to Bayern Munich

Barcelona reached the finals of the Champions League despite a 3-2 second-leg loss to Bayern Munich in Germany. Having won… Read More.

Vandalism forces Google to 'temporarily' suspend Map Maker service

Search giant Google has suspended its Map Maker service because of vandalism. The service allowed people to contribute to Google’s… Read More.