What Happened on 13 December 2012

National Coalition Recognized As Syrian Representative

At a ‘Friends of Syria’ meeting in Morocco, National Coalition was recognized as the sole representative of the Syrian populace… Read More.

'World Would Sacrifice Israel' – Israeli Minister

Israel's foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, lashed out at the Europe for condemning Israel's foreign policies towards Palestine. The minister said… Read More.

German Lawmakers Defend Right To Circumcision

German lawmakers put the lid on months of legal debate and uncertainty caused by a regional court's ruling that pronounced… Read More.

EU To Have Common Bank Supervisor

The EU took a major step towards integrating the banking services of the Eurozone by agreeing to have a common… Read More.

Federal Reserve To Buy More Treasuries

In an unprecedented declaration, the US Federal Reserve connected the short-term rate, which it controls, with inflation and unemployment. On… Read More.

Planned Cyber Attack of US Banks Poses Threat

According to reports from Internet security firm, McAfee a massive cyber-attack has been planned targeting over 30 US banks. The… Read More.

Sao Paolo Declared Copa Sudamericana Winners

Tigre refused to play the second half of the Copa Sudamericana's final match awarding Sao Paulo the trophy. The final… Read More.

Celtics Outdo Mavericks Despite Mistakes

On Wednesday night the Boston Celtics went on to bag a 117-115 victory over the Dallas Mavericks. Towards the start… Read More.

Pope Benedict XVI Starts To Tweet

On 12-12-12, Pope Benedict sent out his much awaited first tweet from the Twitter handle @pontifex. The pope already has… Read More.

Facebook Releases 2012 Trends

Social media network Facebook released a list of the major trends of 2012, sorted by category. The top events featured… Read More.

121212: Concert for Sandy Relief Largest Music Event

Some of the biggest names in the music and entertainment industry came together on Wednesday night at New York City's… Read More.

Screen Actors Guild Announces Nominees

The nominations for the Screen Actors Guild Awards were announced on Wednesday. A number of nominations were considered ‘surprising’ by… Read More.