What Happened on 12 March 2017

Park Prepares to Leave Presidential Blue House, South Korean Opposition Vows to Uphold Justice

South Korean opposition vowed to uphold justice and common sense as the Constitutional Court ruled to uphold a parliamentary vote… Read More.

The US Secret Service Nabs White House Intruder

The US Secret Service told media that a person, identified as 26 year old Jonathan Tran (a resident of California),… Read More.

The US Attorney Preet Bharara says He was Fired by Trump Administration after Refusing Resignation

Preet Bharara has announced from his tweeter handle that he was fired from his position as the United States Attorney… Read More.

Dutch Riot Police Disperse Rallying Pro-Erdogan Mob

With deteriorating relation between Turkey and Netherlands, Dutch riot police has dispersed a rally, organized in support of… Read More.

ACCC to Investigate US$1.7 Billion Crystal-Tronox Merger Deal

ACCC is all set to investigate the merger of Gulf based Crystal and US-based Tronox (US$1.7 billion deal), creating the… Read More.

England Wins Six Nations 2017 Championship

England put up a robust performance at Twickenham Stadium in south west London against their arch rival Read More.