What Happened on 12 August 2013

Floods kill 36 in northern Sudan

Authorities in Sudan reported that floods have killed at least 36 and left thousands of others homeless. At least 5,000… Read More.

Norwegian PM to go undercover

Norway's prime minister ended up going undercover as a taxi driver "to hear what people really think".  Jens Stoltenberg said… Read More.

Transgendered teen killed by mob

Dwayne Jones of Jamaica had faced a tough time all his life. His father had asked him to leave the… Read More.

Russian customers amends credit card offers and sues bank

Dmitry Argarkov amended a credit card offer from Tinkoff Credit Systems by changing the terms and adding the right to… Read More.

Purdue Pharma won't share list of suspicious doctors

The maker of OxyContin has a list of doctors that may be suspects in prescribing pills to addicts and dealers… Read More.

UK wages to see one of the largest falls in EU

The average hourly wages in the UK have fallen 5.5 percent since 2010 and this is the fourth-worst decline among… Read More.

Kobe Bryant explains work ethic in a new commercial

It's unknown as to when Kobe Bryant will be able to play basketball for the Los Angeles Lakers again but… Read More.

Nike designs new football helmets

Nike has designed football uniforms for LeBron James high school and James modeled the helmet and uniform on his Instagram… Read More.

More than 100,000 people want to go to Mars

More than 100,000 people on Earth want to settle down on Mars and never come back. They've applied for the… Read More.

People share their crimes on social media

Although, heinous crimes such as murder and rape are unthinkable for most of us, there are those who confess their… Read More.

Eydie Gorme dies at 84

The popular band singer and entertainer, Eydie Gorme died in Las Vegas at 84.  Her husband Steve Lawrence said "Eydie… Read More.

'Elysium' tops box office this weekend

The ambitious movie, 'Elysium' opened with $30.5 million this weekend.  The movie directed by Neill Blomkamp didn't match his previous… Read More.