What Happened on 11 October 2013

Libya PM kidnapped for hours

Libyan PM Ali Zeidan was kidnapped and released within a few hours yesterday; the kidnapping happened at his five-star hotel… Read More.

Azerbaijan election results come out before election

People were supposed to begin voting for the next president of Azerbaijan yesterday but results of the election was instead… Read More.

Most Asian cave artists could have been women

According to a Penn State archaeologist, most of the ancient cave art was done by women. Considering that cave paintings… Read More.

Toyota recalls 10,000 vehicles

Toyota Motor Corp. announced on Thursday that it's going to recall 10,000 cars from model years 2013 and 2014; the… Read More.

Janet Yellen is a role model

Jenet Yellen will be the first woman ever to be the head of a central bank in any of the… Read More.

US withholding major military aid to Egypt

Washington has decided to withhold hundreds of millions in aid to Egypt, most of which was going to be military… Read More.

Lance Armstrong doped in front of ex girlfriend

Wall Street Journal reports that Lance Armstrong's former girlfriend Sheryl Crow witnessed him doping.  Crow was only one of his… Read More.

49ers star faces gun charges

Linebacker Aldon Smith is in trouble for firing a .45 caliber gun to break up a party at his San… Read More.

Why did ObamaCare website have so much trouble?

One reason that has been cited for the ObamaCare website facing so many issues is its ability to accommodate 50,000… Read More.

Two Japan airlines turned around

Another set of issues resulted in the return of two Japan Airlines flights only days after it switched to Airbus. … Read More.

DreamWorks CEO offered $75M for more episodes of Breaking Bad

DreamWorks CEO was so much in love with 'Breaking Bad' that he offered to pay $75M for three more episodes… Read More.

Alice Munro wins Nobel Prize for Literature

Canadian author Alice Munro won the Nobel Prize for Literature this year; the names of two of her… Read More.