What Happened on 11 November 2013

Typhoon Haiyan kills 10K people in one city

As many as 10,000 have died in a single city of Philippines due to Typhoon Haiyan.  AP described the scene… Read More.

Pakistan schools banned Malala's book

Malala Yousafzai survived the attack on her by Taliban last year and lived to write a book on her experiences.… Read More.

25 busted in sex slave ring

Spanish police have busted 25 Nigerians engaging in human trafficking, money laundering and Internet fraud.  Police said the gang was… Read More.

Man wins big lottery in second state

A Michigan man won million dollar lotteries in separate states and one-upped the man, who recently won two big jackpots… Read More.

Entire record store is now on eBay

A rich music fan can now choose to buy an entire record store for $482,000 on eBay.  The posting calls… Read More.

Obama apologized to those who lost health policies

President Obama recently apologized for a non-tech issue regarding ObamaCare. He said he is sorry that the people who lost… Read More.

Dolphins' Incognito said he's not racist

Miami Dolphin player Richie Incognito spoke for the first time about the allegations regarding racism and harassment that have surfaced… Read More.

Olympic torch walks in space

The Sochi Olympic torch was taken outside of the International Space Station for a two-hour-long spacewalk.  Russian cosmonauts Sergey Ryazanskiy… Read More.

Your internet freedom could die

A court decision regarding net neutrality, could soon end the freedom enjoyed by Internet users.  This neutrality doesn't allow service… Read More.

Google's doodle let users share insights with friends

Google's recent "doodle," honoring Hermann Rorschach, was one of the most playful doodles the company had done in a while. … Read More.

Website makes you meet celebs in exchange for money

There's some good news for those who have the money to spend on meeting their favorite celebrities: The website IfOnly,… Read More.

Miss Venezuela is the new MIss Universe

Gabriela Isler, representing Venezuela is now the new Miss Universe. The 25-year-old appears on TV in Venezuela and is also… Read More.