What Happened on 11 April 2014

Russia withheld information regarding Tsarnaev

According to an inspector general's report, Russia hid information regarding Tamerlan Tsarnaev, which could have easily led the FBI to… Read More.

Jet search picks up fifth ping

An aircraft hunting for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has detected a fifth ping, which has increased hopes that… Read More.

Identity of mysterious amnesiac may have been found

The man may not have been able to remember who exactly he was but the fact that he said he… Read More.

Fresh air sells for $860 in China

Beijing artist Liang Kegang got back from a business trip in France and brought with him a glass jar of… Read More.

Bank of Greece gets bombed

Domestic terrorists bombed the central bank of Greece hours before the nation was expected to return to the international bond… Read More.

Gold crystal looked too big to be real

A single gold crystal, about the size of a golf ball, was found in Venezuela decades ago and the owner… Read More.

Blunder sets US flag on fire

The Atlanta Braves had quite an inauspicious beginning to the season. A fireworks blunder at their home opener set the… Read More.

Eli Manning to undergo surgery

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning has opted to undergo surgery after suffering a high ankle sprain for over three… Read More.

China gives regulatory approval in Nokia acquisition

Another hurdle was cleared after Nokia sold its devices unit to Microsoft. The smartphone maker announced that it received a… Read More.

Mystery light spotted on Mars

Mars could be home to life that may have left its lights on. A strange light has been captured by… Read More.

Colbert to replace Letterman

Looks like the rumors were true and Stephen Colbert will be replacing David Letterman on The Late Show after Letterman's… Read More.

12-day Simpsons marathon is on its way

The FXX network is planning on showing all 552 episodes of Simpsons starting August 21. The marathon will continue into… Read More.