What Happened on 10 November 2015

Pakistan invites India for Asian conference

Pakistan invited the members of "Heart of Asia Conference", including India, to participate in an upcoming conference jointly hosted by… Read More.

IS suicide attack kills Taliban commander

A suicide bomber loyal to the Islamic State targeted Taliban militants in Afghanistan's Khak-e-Afghan district, killing a… Read More.

Myanmar general election 2015 Results

Myanmar general election, 2015 Result

PartySeatsLeader NLD 78 Aung San Suu Kyi … Read More.

Myanmar announces 106 parliament representatives-elect

Myanmar's Union Election Commission announced 106 parliament representatives-elect, including 54 to the lower house - House of Representatives. Democratic leader… Read More.

Two-child policy to increase economy

China's new two-child policy could increase economic growth rate by 0.5 percent by reducing the country's dependency ratio, said National… Read More.

Colombia football chief quits

Colombian football federation (FCF) president Luis Bedoya has quit amid allegations linking him to FIFA's corruption scandal, a media report… Read More.

Scientists dive into precious Pluto data

From possible ice volcanoes to twirling moons, NASA’s New Horizons science team is busy analysing more than 50 exciting discoveries… Read More.