What Happened on 10 June 2014

Wall of water dumped on students

Dozens of students disappeared after a dam released a wall of water without giving out a warning. Reports suggest that… Read More.

9-foot great white shark devoured by ‘mystery sea monster’

Researchers had tagged a great white in Australia four months ago, but recently found the tag washed up. The data… Read More.

Crocodile snatches man from boat

A man was assaulted on Saturday, June 7, by a 15.5-foot-long crocodile when he went to empty a bucket on… Read More.

Tyson Foods wins Hillshire Brands

Tyson Foods has won the bid to buy Hillshire Brands for $63 a share, but in doing so the company… Read More.

Clothing label in Japan unveils new sizes

A clothing company in Japan is now using sizes such as Skinny, Jumbo, Fat, and Titch instead of the usual… Read More.

Identity of man behind hidden cash revealed

The millionaire behind @HiddenCash, who left several envelopes filled with cash in California is Jason Buzi.  "I really am just… Read More.

Derek Fisher to be the head coach for the New York Knicks

Reports suggest that Derek Fisher is expected to be New York Knicks' head coach from next year onwards.  USA Today… Read More.

Nike releases a sports movie

Nike has released a short movie titled ''The Last Game,'' just before the World Cup. The clip shows animated versions… Read More.

Facebook comes out with Snapchat enemy

Facebook is rolling out Slingshot that lets people share their videos and photos. Friends cannot see the content unless they… Read More.

Male faces are evolved for punches

Scientists mentioned that men's faces wouldn't be the way they are today if our ancestors had not slugged them out… Read More.

Jackson's kids get $8M a year as allowance

Michael Jackson's growing estate has increased his kids' yearly allowance to $8M.  Reports suggest that Prince, 17, has spent over… Read More.